Trifocal Mandates


            As the sole authority in land use regulations and development, HLURB-ARMM approves applications for all land-based structural construction via the issuance of Locational Clearance and Zoning Decision such as; Development, Permits, License to Sell/Certificate of Registration and other related issuances concerning land use management and control.


            HLURB-ARMM implements this mandate by providing technical assistance to all LGUs in ARMM in the preparation/formulation of their respective Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUPs) and translates them into zoning ordinances. This will serve as the blueprints for development of the planning area ten (10) years hence. We do this via our annual Town Planning and Zoning Assistance Program (TPZA).


         As one of the three (3) major mandated functions of the board, it is empowered to hear, determine, resolve, adjudicate and settle all cases arising out of subdivision controversies and violation of land use regulations. However, this adjudicatory power of the board is not yet fully devolved to date for want of complete legal services division to effectively handle the work.